Australians Unwrap record numbers of charitable gifts for Christmas

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Gifts such as animal manure are proving to be top sellers in Oxfam Australia’s Unwrapped gift catalogue this year.  Along with clean water and school fees, they have rocketed up sales of Unwrapped gifts to almost $1million – up fifty percent from this time last year and smashing all previous sales records.

‘Oxfam Unwrapped is a wonderful way to help some of the world’s poorest people,’ said Oxfam Unwrapped spokesperson, Leigh Stewart. ‘Purchases of Unwrapped Gifts have gone through the roof, and it goes to show that Australians are looking for more meaningful Christmas gifts.’
According to Ms Stewart however, one of the more novel gifts is manure. ‘One pile of poo can fertilise up to an acre of land in a developing country, increasing harvests and feeding families and it’s proved a big hit with people wanting to help people in poor countries this Christmas.’
With just under two weeks to buy Unwrapped gifts in time for Christmas, the campaign aims to raise $5 million for Oxfam’s work with poor communities around the world. Ms Stewart says a gift from the Unwrapped Christmas catalogue will help to change the life of someone in one of the 29 countries, including Australia, where Oxfam works.
For less than $100 an Orphan Care Pack provides children whose parents have died of HIV and AIDS and their carers with enough food for one month as well as help with their homework, learning and school fees. ‘These care packs are vital in South Africa, where the HIV pandemic has left more than 1.5 million orphans in its wake,’ said Ms Stewart.
Closer to home, for as little as $50 The Wellness Circle Grandmother’s Group helps brings together Aboriginal women Elders who meet each week. Through the group, Elders pass on their cultural history and give support and advice to young mums and families. Ms Stewart encourages Australians to give them the support they need to create positive change in their community.
These are just two of the 37 unique gifts ideas that can be purchased at
So far this year the top selling Oxfam Unwrapped gifts have been:
1 Chicken
2 Goat
3 Seeds
4 School fees
5 Start a business
6 Clean water
7 Cattle manure
8 Piglets
9 Eye health
10 Soccer balls
When you buy an Unwrapped gift, your donation funds the type of development work your item represents. For example, if you bought a lamb, your donation would go to support one of Oxfam’s agricultural programs. This makes sure that your donation has the biggest possible impact on the lives of people living in poverty.
Visit to purchase a life changing gift or call for a catalogue on 1800 034 034.
Unwrapped gifts can also be purchased from Oxfam Australia Shops around the country.
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