Oxfam Unwrapped breaks all records this Christmas

General, Media Releases, Oxfam Unwrapped, Shops & Fundraising article written on the 20 Dec 2007

Oxfam Australia today announced its alternative gift catalogue Unwrapped had raised over $4 million, breaking all previous Christmas sales records.
Australia-wide people have bought Unwrapped gifts that will make a difference to the lives of vulnerable people at home as well as overseas. This year’s most popular gifts have included record numbers of planting seeds, school fees, sewing lessons and mosquito nets.
Unwrapped gift sales are up 50 per cent on last year and according to Oxfam’s Leigh Stewart that’s proof Australians want to play their part in helping to eradicate poverty. ‘Oxfam is thrilled so many Australians have chosen to give a Christmas gift that will help poor people climb out of poverty,’ said Ms Stewart.
The success of Unwrapped is partly because Australians love to travel, believes Ms Stewart. ‘It’s hard to know for sure but I think Australians are so well travelled these days that they are much more aware of poverty in developing countries. What’s clear is that people want to give gifts that change lives instead of something that will end up on eBay in the New Year.’
This Christmas it’s not only Unwrapped shoppers who have displayed great generosity. Oxfam staff and volunteers have worked long hours taking phone orders for gifts as well as ringing tills in Oxfam shops and at street stalls throughout December.
‘Everyone who has worked on Unwrapped has put in such a huge effort,’ said Ms Stewart. ‘There’s a real buzz in our shops, on the street at our stalls and in our call centre. Christmas is all about giving and this Christmas supporters of Unwrapped have been overwhelmingly generous.’
Still searching for the perfect Christmas present? It’s not too late to buy an Unwrapped gift in time for Christmas. Shoppers can still purchase gift cards at Oxfam shops or send e-cards at www.oxfamunwrapped.com.au.
Oxfam Unwrapped gifts contribute to aid and development programs. So if you buy a piglet or seeds, the funds will be spent on Oxfam’s agricultural programs. Buying an orphan care pack or a water filter jar will be used to support Oxfam’s humanitarian programs. This means that Oxfam can provide people in developing countries with exactly what they need.
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