100 days to go – countdown to a Copenhagen climate deal

Campaigns and Advocacy, Media Releases article written on the 28 Aug 2009

Oxfam Global Ambassador and Hollywood actor Gael Garcia Bernal stars in a new online advertisement made by international aid agency Oxfam urging people to join the new “tck tck tck” climate change campaign.
“There are only 100 days remaining for the world to agree on a deal to tackle the biggest threat facing humanity,” Bernal said. “Every one of us is now responsible to pressure our leaders to be bold and decisive.”
Bernal, who was born in Mexico and has starred in six Academy Award-nominated films including Babel and The Motorcycle Diaries, is working with Oxfam to highlight the impact of climate change on poor people.
“We can stop the worst scenarios of climate change but only if we each do our bit – and that includes taking political action. The time is ticking away,” he said.
Oxfam International executive director Jeremy Hobbs said “we are delighted that Gael has lent himself to this role at such an important time. This advertisement aims to add to the growing pressure on politicians to do the right thing.
“Oxfam believes that the world’s governments can strike a deal in 100 days – but the detail is all important and will spell the difference between success and failure. A deal must be ambitious enough to keep us below 2C warming and it must put the interests of poor people at its very heart,” Hobbs said.
The 60-sec advertisement, featuring Bernal and people from around the world mimicking the ticking hand of a clock, marks the 100-day milestone from the vital Copenhagen climate change climate negotiations.
The tck tck tck campaign (http://tcktcktck.org/) is run by an alliance of many faith groups, trade unions, and non-governmental organisations including Oxfam.
Go to http://www.oxfam.org.au/explore/climate-change
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