Oxfam staff member killed in Haiti quake

Emergencies, Media Releases article written on the 15 Jan 2010

An Oxfam staff member was killed when part of Oxfam’s office crumbled in the devastating quake that hit Haiti on Tuesday.

Amedee Marescot was a business manager for Oxfam in the country and is survived by his wife and three children who are based in the United States.  

Amedee was Haitian and had worked for Oxfam for 13 years.  He was injured when part of the Oxfam office collapsed and he died later in the hospital.

Penny Lawrence, Oxfam’s International Director, said:

“We are all deeply shocked and saddened by the loss of Amedee and we all send our sincere condolences to his family.  He was a dedicated and passionate member of staff and will be greatly missed by his colleagues.  These are dark days for the people who live and also work to help the poor communities of Haiti.”  

The rest of the 100-strong Oxfam team in Haiti are safe.  However, many staff have been severely affected by the earthquake, losing their homes and in some cases members of their family as the result of the disaster.

Oxfam’s 15 emergency specialists in the country are preparing to respond with the provision of water and sanitation.  A six-strong team of Oxfam emergency specialists has also been dispatched from the UK, USA and Mexico today and the charity is preparing to send additional emergency supplies to Haiti from Panama and other stores around the world.

“The staff in Haiti are extremely experienced in dealing with emergency situations, and dealt with the aftermath of the hurricanes that struck Haiti two years ago.  Amedee would have wanted to have seen us keep going and get aid to the survivors. In his memory, we are doing exactly that,” Ms Lawrence said

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