Australian initiative helps develop the next generation of humanitarian leaders

Media Releases article written on the 22 Nov 2010

An Oxfam Australia initiative to develop the next generation of humanitarian leaders will see 300 young people from 98 countries converge on New Delhi, India, today to share their experiences of how to overcome poverty and social injustice at the OIYP Kaleidoscope 2010 event.

The Oxfam International Youth Partnership (OIYP) program is bringing together handpicked young people aged between 18 and 25 years who are currently working on small scale projects to improve conditions within their communities. This will see the fourth generation of young leaders – known as Action Partners – be supported to develop their leadership skills over an intensive three year program.

Since its establishment in 2000, the Sydney-based OIYP program has helped a succession of young Action Partners from over 120 countries develop more than 1000 community based projects supporting areas such as HIV and AIDS awareness, conflict resolution, women’s rights and environmental issues.

Among the 2010 generation of Action Partners gathering for the eight day event is Bianca Bond, a young Indigenous Kabi Kabi woman from South East Queensland who is looking forward to meeting other young people from around the world working with similar issues:

“I am looking forward to meeting other young people who are dedicated to making a difference in this world and building a positive future where communities work together.

“I am passionate about Indigenous-related issues and dedicated to the ‘Close the Gap’ campaign tackling the health gap between non-Indigenous Australia and Indigenous Australia. I look forward to speaking about this crucial issue,” said Ms Bond.

Bianca Bond is one of seven Indigenous Australians who will be attending Kaleidoscope to share their experiences of working within their local communities.

Andrew Hewett, Executive Director of Oxfam Australia, said:

“We are delighted India is hosting this event which brings together 300 diverse young community leaders from around the world to plan how they can work together to create a better, more just world.

“With half the world’s population under the age of 25, and 1.3 billion of those young people living in developing countries, this event is an important step in helping to shape the next generation of humanitarian advocates,” said Hewett.

For media enquiries, or to interview an Australian youth Action Partner or Anna Powell, Youth Programs Manager, please contact: Charlotte Greig, Oxfam Australia on +61 (0)404 111 919,

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