The Adelaide Fair Trade Easter Hunt is on!

Media Releases, News, Oxfam Shops, Shops & Fundraising article written on the 15 Apr 2011

Fair trade Easter products will be hidden around the Adelaide CBD today, to raise awareness of fair trade in the lead up to Easter.

The 50 wooden Easter Bunny figures will be placed around the city at first light, with a note attached encouraging those who find them to bring them in to Oxfam’s shop in Charles St Plaza or go to for the chance to win a delicious fair trade chocolate hamper. Those who find the yellow and orange wooden bunnies, valued at $14.95 each, will get to keep the bunny as well as entering the draw for one of the hampers.

Oxfam, who sell a wide range of fair trade products from around the world, are hoping the Easter Hunt will encourage more South Australians to choose fair trade chocolate this Easter.

“We’re hoping our Easter hunt draws people’s attention to fair trade and that as a result, more South Australians consider buying fair trade chocolate this Easter,” said Oxfam’s Director of Trading, Nadine Silverberg.

“Buying products with the fair trade logo means the producers have been paid a fair price, in this case for their cocoa and sugar, and that the conditions those producers are working in must meet certain standards, which are monitored and audited.

“Choosing Fairtrade this Easter is a deliciously simple way of helping others,” Ms Silverberg said.

For more information, including images, please contact:
Raina Hunter, Oxfam Australia or 0402 145 820