Kevin Rudd adds 3things that can help Australian youth change the world

General, Media Releases article written on the 24 May 2011

Today 3things, an initiative of Oxfam Australia, launched its new look website (, an innovative online platform run by young people for young people to engage in social justice issues and find solutions.

The website is a key element of Oxfam’s youth engagement program aim to build a generation of Australians who are aware of and taking action on global issues. 3things offers a space for young people to engage in simple, personal and practical ways to get involved in creating a just world and bring about positive change that is meaningful to them.

To coincide with the launch, Foreign Affairs Minister Kevin Rudd contributed the 3things he believed young people could do to make positive change.

“The first thing is to decide on your core values – work out what you believe in, and what you’re passionate about.

“The next thing is to recognise your skills and strengths, and where these intersect with your passions. This is what you can do!

“Finally, it’s important to spread the seed and encourage others to act and be part of the movement as well,” said Mr Rudd.

The revamped site allows young Australians to browse other people’s 3things and share their own actions with friends through Facebook and Twitter Connect. Users can also blog and upload content on issues they are passionate about, download useful tools and resources, and stay up to date with upcoming events, workshops and program activities.

Since it was launched in 2010, the website has proved to be a hit among young Australians aged from around 16 to 26, with thousands adding the 3things that are important to them in making positive change in the world and getting involved in supporting international aid and development issues.

Oxfam Australia’s Youth Manager Anna Powell said 3things has already dispelled the popular notion that young Australians are apathetic.

3things is proving that young Australians not only care about making the world a better place but they are taking action and calling on government and business to adopt better policies and practices.

We are already seeing thousands of young people engaging with one another on issues such as fair trade, workers rights, and the environment, and mobilising both online and offline to make positive changes,” Ms. Powell said.

Alongside a growing online community, 3things also runs programs in high schools and universities across Australia that give young people the opportunity and support to take action and inspire others to do the same.

It also hosts events such as the upcoming 3things’ Hip Hop Approach connecting popular youth culture and social justice issues to inspire new audiences to get involved in ways that are meaningful to them.

The website is a part of Oxfam Australia’s work in developing a strong youth force to ensure the sustainability of the movement against poverty and injustice into the future. With half the world’s population under the age of 25, Oxfam Australia understands that young people are our most powerful weapon in the long-running fight against poverty.

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3THINGS’ HIP HOP APPROACH coincides with the launch of the new look3things website,
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