Swap ‘til you drop and learn about ethical fashion

Media Releases article written on the 07 Oct 2011

A month-long clothing festival is about to get underway around the country in a bid to raise awareness about ethical fashion.

3things’ Exchange for Change is hosted by Oxfam Australia and encourages people to swap their old clothes in October while giving them a chance to learn about labour rights and environmental sustainability in the fashion industry.

Oxfam Australia Youth Engagement Program Coordinator Jessica Boyden said the event was an added twist to the increasingly popular clothes-swapping parties.

“In recent years we have seen the rise of ‘clothes swapping’ parties that are based on the idea that one person’s trash is another’s treasure,” Ms Boyden said.

“Recycling fashion is just one of the trends that indicates that people increasingly want their fashion choices to be more ethical and less wasteful.

“Exchange for Change builds on that movement and asks people to also take a moment to contemplate where their clothes come from, who is involved and how that process can be fairer.”

People can learn how to host an Exchange for Change event and about Oxfam’s work to improve workers’ rights around the world by downloading a DIY event kit at www.3things.org.au/exchangeforchange

The website includes a series of online speakers – including designers, advocates, academics, textile workers and entrepreneurs – who share their knowledge about the industry and explain the social and environmental implications of the textile industry.

Alternatively people can attend national clothes swapping events hosted by The Clothing Exchange on October 17 to be held in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra.

Exchange for Change is an annual event that is part of Oxfam Australia’s 3things initiative which encourages young people to take small steps toward a fairer and more just world.

For more information about Exchange for Change visit www.3things.org.au/exchangeforchange

For information about The Clothing Exchange’s National Swap Day on October 17 visit http://clothingexchange.com.au/

For media information or interviews, please contact Oxfam Australia Media Coordinator Sunita Bose on 0407 555 960.