Give a gift that will never go out of style: Oxfam Unwrapped

Media Releases article written on the 24 Nov 2011

With a month until Christmas, Oxfam Australia is encouraging people to give a gift that won’t go out of style: the gift of giving.

Through Oxfam Unwrapped, giving has never looked so good with 44 quirky cards that each outline ways the international aid agency works to help people around the world overcome poverty.

The gifts include goats, ducks and chickens which help poor people escape the cycle of poverty as they provide milk and eggs as a source of food and once they breed can be sold at local markets for income.

New gifts on offer this year include the humble blanket, priced at $40, which can become an essential survival tool after a natural disaster.

Prices range from the $10 chicken to the $3000 water quality testing kit that monitors water quality in a natural disaster, so there is a way for people on any budget to assist Oxfam’s work.

A selection of gifts are featured below and the full range is available for view and purchase at

Goat $39
The goat is the most popular Oxfam gift. Goats help families in places like Mozambique escape from of poverty, as they provide milk, manure and once they breed they can be sold to pay for school fees or other essential items that families need.

Orphan Care, South Africa $97
In South Africa over 1.5 million children are orphaned as a result of HIV/AIDS. This gift helps Oxfam support a local organisation to provide mentoring programs and care for orphans and other vulnerable children.

Donkey, Mozambique $150
Owning a donkey will transform the lives of women living in remote areas of Mozambique, With the help of a donkey carrying the food and water, women can save time and energy and improve their productivity and income.

Literacy classes $40 NEW
Literacy skills significantly increase a woman’s ability to earn a living. By supporting adult literacy teachers and trainers in Papua New Guinea, you will provide women the opportunity to transform their lives and those of their children.

Midwife essentials $35 NEW
This gift helps Oxfam provide training and supplies to midwife volunteers in Laos, providing them with technical help to support pregnant women, delivery and post-delivery practices. The midwife volunteers can then share knowledge with other women, which will help reduce infant and maternal mortality in their communities.

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