Oxfam calling on restaurants and cafes to help tackle world hunger

Campaigns and Advocacy, Events, GROW, Media Releases, Other events article written on the 10 Sep 2012

International aid agency Oxfam Australia is calling on restaurants and cafes across Australia to help tackle the world’s growing food crisis by supporting Eat Local Feed Global on Sunday 14 October.

Restaurants are being asked to sign up to help fundraise for Oxfam’s work tackling global hunger by collecting donations from their patrons on 14 October. In return, Oxfam will be encouraging its supporters and the wider public to dine out at the participating restaurants on that date.

Oxfam Australia Executive Director Andrew Hewett said Eat Local Feed Global is a win-win situation which offers restaurants a chance to support a worthwhile cause whilst welcoming new customers.

“At Oxfam we are seeing a record number of food-related emergencies around the world as communities on the edge of poverty experience rising food prices and changing weather patterns.

“Oxfam is encouraging Australians to enjoy a meal with family or friends on Sunday 14 October and make a donation towards helping us tackle the underlying causes of hunger.

“We need as many restaurants and cafes as possible to put up their hands and get involved in this worthwhile fundraiser,” Mr Hewett said.

Several high profile figures from the food world have already lent their support to Eat Local Feed Global, including former MasterChef winner, Julie Goodwin.

“The world produces a surplus of food yet one in seven people go hungry every day. I’d encourage restaurants to sign up to be part of Eat Local Feed Global on Sunday October 14 and help Oxfam in its efforts to address the underlying causes of global hunger and help those affected,” Goodwin said.

If you are a restaurant owner, or you want to encourage your favourite local restaurant to take part, visit www.oxfam.org.au/restaurantregister for more details.

This fundraising event on Sunday 14 October takes place in the lead up to World Food Day on Tuesday 16 October which aims to increase public awareness of world hunger.

For further media information, please contact John Lindsay Oxfam Australia Media Unit on 03 9289 9246 or 0407 476 227. Media images to support the fundraiser are available for download here: http://wordsandpictures.oxfam.org.au/?c=11778&k=4dfb3d038d