Oxfam urges charitable donations as end of financial year approaches

General, Media Releases, News, Organisation news article written on the 25 Jun 2013

More than $6 million has been donated by Australians to international aid agency Oxfam on the last day of the financial year over the past decade, figures reveal.

As the end of the financial year approaches, Oxfam Australia is urging people to consider a charitable donation that could boost their tax return while supporting life-saving work in some of the world’s poorest communities.

All donations to Oxfam are tax deductible, with donation statistics revealing June 30 is traditionally the most popular day of the year to donate to charity.

Over 10 years the average donation made on June 30 was $463, and almost $21 million was donated during the last 10 days of the past 10 financial years.

Oxfam Australia has also launched a personal tax calculator that allows people to work out how much of their tax-deductible donation they could receive back in their tax return.

Australians donated almost $250,000 on June 30, last year and more the $1.8 million in the five days leading to the end of the financial year.
Oxfam Australia Chief Financial Officer Anthony Alexander said the trend of giving to charity had not faltered despite rising costs of living.

“We’ve seen donations remain stable over the past five years, which shows how committed Australians are to making a difference,” he said.

“Our figures show that by donating regularly to Oxfam, Australians continue their generosity towards some of the world’s poorest communities.

“Three quarters of our fundraising income is spent on our life-saving program work overseas and in Australia. Donations change lives by giving people the skills and resources to help themselves out of poverty.”

Oxfam’s current Water Appeal is raising funds for water, sanitation and hygiene programs in communities living in poverty around the world.

To find out the possible tax benefit of a donation to Oxfam, visit: