How Alberto and his goat can teach children the joy of giving this Christmas

Media Releases, Oxfam Unwrapped article written on the 04 Dec 2013

Parents who want to remind their children of the importance of giving back this Christmas will find the solution with Oxfam’s newest Unwrapped gift – a storybook card just for kids.

Alberto and His Goat, a card that includes a puzzle and colouring game, includes a short story about a child in Mozambique, and how buying a goat can help give a better life for Alberto and his family.

Oxfam Australia’s Unwrapped spokesperson Jez Hunghanfoo said the storybook card was specifically designed as a tool for parents wanting to teach their children about how other children lived around the world.

“Many parents find the festive season a perfect time to share with their children the joy of giving, and this simple, colourful storybook card is one way to do that,” Mr Hunghanfoo said.

He said Oxfam’s tips to ‘Give Geniusly’ this Christmas would help parents choose an unexpected, quirky, fun and much-needed gift.

“It is the gift that gives twice; one their child will enjoy and also improves the lives of people living in poverty,” he said.

“Many of our Unwrapped Christmas gifts specifically support programs for women and children, making it a perfect choice to teach families about the true gift of giving this festive season.”

Oxfam Unwrapped is the international development agency’s donation program where people can buy items that it uses in its work with poor people – like goats, piglets and wells – and they receive a quirky card to show friends and family how their gift is helping others.

The gifts include goats, ducks and chickens which help poor people escape the cycle of poverty as they provide milk and eggs as a source of food and once they breed can be sold at local markets for income. 

Prices range from $10 for a chicken to $3000 for a water quality testing kit for use after a natural disaster, such as the recent Philippines typhoon.

Other new items this year include a gift that supports Oxfam’s work to improve the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and another that provides a radio to help a family in a vulnerable community prepare for an emergency.

“All our Unwrapped gifts are real items that help transform the lives of some of the world’s most vulnerable people living in extreme poverty,” Mr Hunghanfoo said.  

“For example, for $29, you can buy toys and educational materials for refugee children in South Africa to help them get a better start in life.”

The full range is available for view and purchase at  or phone 1800 034 034.

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