Mass evacuation as Mount Kelud erupts

Emergencies, Humanitarian Advocacy, Media Releases, News article written on the 14 Feb 2014

A mass evacuation has been ordered following the eruption of Mount Kelud on the main island of Java, Indonesia.

As of 14 February 2014, almost 70,000 Indonesians have been evacuated in the District of Kediri, with the Government activating evacuation posts to cope with those who have been displaced. The District Government has also mobilised transport to help with the evacuation, supported by the Indonesian National Army and police.

Oxfam is currently working closely with partners on the ground to assess the situation and is preparing for the distribution of thousands of face-masks to protect people from harmful smoke and ash.

Oxfam’s spokesperson in Indonesia, Peter Ikin said, “As this is an area of known risk we have contingency stocks already in place in anticipation of an eruption of this nature.

“Given the size of the area already affected by smoke and ash, our first priority is to assess where items such as face-masks and tarpaulins are most acutely needed and how best to distribute them.

“We also have hygiene kits, water supply equipment and other emergency response items on standby in case the situation deteriorates.”

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