Funding to assist Solomon Islands on road to recovery

Emergencies, Media Releases article written on the 12 Apr 2014

Supporting the immediate emergency response and restoring the sustainability of affected communities will be central to the assistance delivered to the Solomon Islands as part of the Australian government’s $3 million funding package, Oxfam Australia said today.

Oxfam Australia and other NGOs responding in the Solomon Islands have been given $1.5 million of the government’s funding to boost humanitarian assistance in the disaster-stricken region.

Oxfam’s Solomon Islands’ Country Director Katie Greenwood said while this funding is crucial in addressing the immediate humanitarian needs of those affected, it is also an important stepping stone in the longer term recovery process.

“Oxfam Australia welcomes the funding by the Australian Government which will help to increase the reach of the response efforts by humanitarian agencies on the ground,” Ms Greenwood said.

“This funding will not only strengthen our response to the immediate humanitarian needs, but also support the early recovery process which is required to secure the future of communities here.

“However there is a long road ahead for families trying to rebuild their lives, and we want to ensure that this funding is used strategically and has an immediate impact.

“A large part of Oxfam’s funding allocation will be dedicated to projects addressing the early recovery needs of communities, particularly around ensuring people have enough food to meet their daily needs, and can also provide a source of income.

“We’ve seen hundreds of acres of crops destroyed, small shops and boats have been swept away and entire communities are now largely dependent on humanitarian assistance. Supporting communities and villages to get back on their feet will be vital to the recovery of the Solomon Islands.

“Oxfam will dedicate part of its allocated funding to a project which will support the revival of the disrupted livelihoods of flood-affected people in villages across East and West Guadalcanal, improve food security and help build their resilience against future disasters.”

The funding will also support Oxfam’s work with key protection agencies such as Social Welfare, the Ministry of Women, Youth Children and Family Affairs and UNICEF to protect those who may be marginalised throughout the recovery process.

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