Change the world in an instant

Fair Trade & Workers Rights, General, Media Releases, News, Organisation news, Oxfam Shops, Shops & Fundraising article written on the 22 Jul 2014

Oxfam is calling on Australians to help change the world in an instant with the release of its new Instant Coffee.

Oxfam Australia Trading General Manager Julia Sumner said switching everyday purchases such as coffee was the easiest way for Australians to instantly help change the world.

“With only 4 per cent of the coffee sold in Australia being Fairtrade certified, the scope for Australians to help change the world in an instant through their everyday purchases is huge,” Ms Sumner said.

“Fairtrade certification guarantees a minimum price for farmers and provides an additional sum of money, which can be used for community development projects such as clean water wells and sanitation facilities.

“Not only does Fairtrade coffee help improve the lives of farmers, their families and their communities, our new blend of Instant Coffee also tastes delicious.”

Oxfam’s new Instant Coffee is blended from the finest beans sourced from a range of Fairtrade certified producers in Honduras, Peru, Mexico and Bolivia.

The 100 per cent freeze dried, organic, dark roasted Arabica coffee beans create a rich and intense flavour that can be enjoyed in an instant.

One of the Fairtrade Cooperatives that supply the coffee beans used in Oxfam’s Instant Coffee is Café Orgánico Marcala S.A. (COMSA) from Honduras.

COMSA were Fairtrade certified in 2005 after its members learnt that Fairtrade certification meant they would receive a stable minimum price for their produce and access to specialist markets, finance and business support and technical advice.

COMSA Board Member Enrique Mario Perez said moving to Fairtrade accreditation was a strategic move to improve the lives of each of the COMSA farmers and their families.

“The objective of our company is to improve the lives of every single one of us and our families … and we have found a strategic ally in Fairtrade,” Mr Perez says.

“With that small producer label we receive a premium and invest a part of it in capacity building of our producers to improve production and productivity, to generate the change that we need here.”

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