Oxfam welcomes funding for women’s empowerment in Southeast Asia

Foreign aid, Media Releases, News article written on the 12 Aug 2014

Oxfam today welcomed a pledge of $1 million worth of funding from the Australian Government for an Oxfam supported program aimed at giving women more economic influence in the ASEAN arena.

The program, Women’s Economic Empowerment and Leadership in ASEAN, will be implemented by Oxfam’s partner the International Women’s Rights Action Watch Asia Pacific.

Oxfam Australia’s East Asia Regional Manager Wayne Gum welcomed the commitment of $1 million over four years, saying it would help strengthen women’s engagement with ASEAN bodies and the private sector.

“Women must be heard to achieve inclusive economic growth, and this is a welcome recognition of the economic and political role of women in this region particularly with the move towards an ASEAN Economic Community in 2015,’’ Mr Gum said.

“This program aims to strengthening women right’s organisations, so they can better influence laws and policies in the ASEAN economic community to promote  women’s economic empowerment and leadership in both the formal and informal sector,” Mr Gum said.

Women’s Economic Empowerment and Leadership in ASEAN is a unique project, that will develop a long term partnership between DFAT, Oxfam and women’s rights organisations in the region.”

The program will build on existing skills within women’s rights organizations, strengthening advocacy in areas such as economic leadership and empowerment, with a focus on achieving social justice for women and sustainable development.

“We welcome the government’s focus on women’s rights and empowerment and we look forward to further commitment’s in this important area,” Mr Gum said.

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