Keep it sweet with Fair Trade this Easter

Fair Trade & Workers Rights, Media Releases, Oxfam Shops, Shops & Fundraising article written on the 05 Mar 2015

Oxfam’s papier-mâché Easter egg boxes and bowls come with a special story of survival and resilience this Easter.

The egg boxes and bowls were made by a small group based in India’s Kashmir region, which was overcome by disastrous floods late last year.

The artisans were devastatingly affected by these floods – losing their homes, workshops and materials.

Oxfam Australia Trading General Manager Julia Sumner said that as a certified World Fair Trade organisation ASHA Handicrafts are committed to creating and maintaining sustainable futures for their artisans based on long term relationships.

Rather than discontinuing work with the artisans who were affected and could not fulfil orders, ASHA Handicrafts swiftly moved to help those in need.

“Immediately after the floods receded and communication with their artisans was restored, ASHA provided essential rations to 61 artisans and their families,” Ms Sumner said.

“These rations included rice, pulses, flour, oil, milk and disinfectant.

“ASHA then went on to provide raw materials to artisans ensuring they were able to fulfil existing orders and continue to receive an income in the aftermath of the floods.”

In total ASHA handicrafts helped 244 artisans and provided $15,764 AUD (USD $12,331) worth of emergency provisions, raw materials and school materials to those in need.

“Purchasing products from ASHA Handicrafts means not only can you help create sustainable futures for artisans all around the world this Easter, you are also supporting an organisation that is there for its staff when they need help,” Ms Sumner says.

“ASHA’s products are a terrific illustration of Fair Trade at its most powerful.”

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