Perth walkers complete 100km Trailwalker challenge

General, Media Releases, News, Oxfam Trailwalker article written on the 11 Oct 2015

The third Oxfam Trailwalker Perth came to an end this morning with the final walkers in the 100km fundraising challenge crossing the finish line at Lesmurdie.

Hot conditions meant teams needed to pace themselves and take the time to rest regularly, but this year’s fastest team, The Running Wolves, still recorded an impressive time of 100km in 20 hours and 16 minutes, finishing at 1.22am on Saturday morning.

The first team across the line for our inaugural 50km event was team Eurostars, pulling into the station with a time of 10 hrs 23 mins. With grit and determination, the final team, Dally, arrived at the end of the 50km trail at 8.33am today, after walking for more than 24 hours.

Daniel Palermo, 29, of The Running Wolves, said the event had been a huge challenge, but the team dynamic of the event and their supporters helped get the Wolves over the line.

For the team of Perth tradies, which included brothers Andre, 23, Fabio, 30, and Luis De Oliveira, 32, it was their first off-road track event, making their first place finish all the more impressive.

“It was really fun, but also really challenging,” Daniel said.

“We made sure we stuck together, and really helped each other out, especially towards the end. You really want to do it for your team and everyone who donated to you.”

Of the 1196 participants who undertook the Trailwalker challenge over the weekend, an impressive 71% reached the finish line, an increase on last year’s finishing rate of 67%.

Oxfam Chief Operating Officer Tony McKimmie said participants had shown an incredible dedication to the cause over the weekend, walking and running day and night to raise money for people around the world living in poverty.

“We have been amazed by the energy and generous spirit of walkers participating in this year’s event as they took on the challenge of Oxfam Trailwalker Perth,” Mr McKimmie said.

“There are a lot of very tired and sore people enjoying well earned rest today, and we would like thank them, and their support crews from the bottom of our hearts for going more than a few extra miles to help lift people out of poverty.

“A huge thank you also goes out to the teams’ support crews, and our volunteers, who help make this event not just possible, but a lot of fun for those doing the hard yards on the trail.

Fundraising efforts of teams saw the event raising more than $900,000.

“Thank you to all who have got behind our teams with donations. The highest fundraising team, Walk Straight, have raised $15,000, meanwhile eight fabulous teams have raised more than $10,000, which is an incredible effort,” Mr McKimmie said.

“The Trailwalkers and their donors are helping Oxfam to promote education, ensure access to clean water, teach skills to cultivate food and advocate for basic rights.”

Mr McKimmie said while there were countless moments of inspiration over the weekend, there was also cause for great sorrow, with the tragic news that a participant passed away during the event.

“We are deeply saddened by this news, and our thoughts and support are with their family and team-mates. We know the thoughts of all our Trailwalker community will be with them as well,” Mr McKimmie said.

“Thank you to all who have provided support and words of compassion for those close to this participant.”

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