Oxfam statement regarding media reports on telemarketing services in the charity sector

Media Releases article written on the 15 Apr 2016

Oxfam believes that workers’ rights are a key lever to ending poverty and inequality both in Australia and overseas and we will continue to work with our suppliers to ensure those rights.

Paying staff less than the award or minimum wage is completely unacceptable. Workers deserve a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work.

Oxfam expects its suppliers to operate under Australian laws and regulations. Australia has comprehensive wage and fair work standards and we believe companies that provide us with goods and services must operate both legally and fairly within or above those standards.

Oxfam takes workers’ rights very seriously and will continue to play a key role to ensure that workers’ rights are met in this sector by using our influence and our experience to hold both ourselves and the sector to the high standards that we expect of others.

Oxfam believes that organisations have a responsibility to ensure those that work in their supply chain are paid and treated fairly – in accordance with their human rights.