’Tis the season to shop ethically

Campaigns and Advocacy, Media Releases, News, Oxfam Shops, Shops & Fundraising article written on the 27 Oct 2016

Oxfam Australia is challenging the nation to make 2016 our most ethical Christmas yet by committing to purchase at least one ethically sourced item this festive season.

Research shows that if one in four Aussies made one ethical Christmas purchase through Oxfam, Australia could raise more than $11.5 billion for the fight against poverty. That’s enough to provide clean water to every family in Zambia.

Not bad, considering the latest retail figures predict Australians will spend almost $46 billion on Christmas presents this December, with around 20 million unwanted presents expected to be gifted.

Oxfam Australia’s Director of Public Engagement Pam Anders said shoppers could choose to make their purchases count by selecting fair and ethically sourced gifts that could help those people living in poverty around the world.

“Fair and ethical trade is so important as it empowers communities by paying them stable prices for their work, helping them gain the skills they need to develop their business, and giving them access to world markets,” Ms Anders said.

“Oxfam has come up with a range of options to help consumers choose gifts that aren’t just stocking fillers – they have the power to change lives.

“While many consumers will go to their favourite clothing brands when it comes to making a purchase this Christmas, Oxfam Australia is also encouraging Australians to find out how ethical these brands are, and take action by asking them to do the right thing and be transparent about where they source their garments from.”

Australians can join the movement towards a more ethical Christmas in four simple ways:

  1. Gift a goat, a chook or pig by buying an Unwrapped card as a secret Santa gift for that person who has everything. It’s a genuinely good gift guaranteed to bring a smile while raising funds for people living in poverty
  1. Do your Christmas shopping at an Oxfam Shop and discover the story behind each of its unique, handmade gifts. Oxfam Shops support 143 fair and ethical producer partners in 47 countries around the world
  1. Start Christmas with meaning by buying a locally grown Oxfam Christmas tree, and have it delivered to your door
  1. Find out whether our favourite brands are doing the basics when it comes to being ethical by publishing where their clothes are made, and act by asking those falling behind to do better.

In November, Oxfam Australia will reveal its Naughty or Nice list, showing which clothing brands are transparent and which ones aren’t.

“If a company isn’t transparent about how and where their garments are made, there’s no way to examine whether it’s truly ethical.  And some much loved brands are sadly sitting in the naughty list this Christmas,” Ms Anders said.

Australians can support the global movement towards fair and ethical trade by using their power as valued customers to choose ethical gifts this Christmas.

For more information, please visit: www.oxfam.org.au/ethical-christmas

For interviews or more information, please contact Dylan Quinnell on 0450 668 350 or dylanq@oxfam.org.au


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