Oxfam deeply concerned at reports of civilian executions in Aleppo

Emergencies, Humanitarian Advocacy, Media Releases, News article written on the 14 Dec 2016

Responding to reports that dozens of Syrian civilians in formerly rebel-held East Aleppo have been executed by pro-government forces, Oxfam’s Syria Crisis response Manager, Andy Baker, said:

“Oxfam is deeply concerned at reports that dozens of civilians, including women and children, have been executed in Aleppo by pro-government forces.

“The government of Syria and their armed allies must ensure civilians who remain in besieged East Aleppo or have fled to government held areas are safe and their rights are respected. There must be no reprisal attacks, arbitrary detention, extrajudicial executions or disappearances under any circumstances.

“Up to 100,000 people remain trapped in East Aleppo, according to the UN, and should be guaranteed safe passage out of the city if they wish to leave. The Syrian authorities must ensure that any security screening processes or detention is transparent and monitored, preferably by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) or another independent third party, and that no civilians are treated indiscriminately as fighters or “terrorists.”

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