Oxfam poised to help after deadly landslides in Colombia

Climate Change, Emergencies, Humanitarian Advocacy, Media Releases, News article written on the 03 Apr 2017

Responding to reports that more than 200 people are dead and a similar number missing a result of the mudslides in Colombia on the weekend, Oxfam Australia Humanitarian Support Unit Manger Meg Quartermaine said:

“Flooding and mudslides in the town of Mocca, the result of heavy rains in Colombia’s Putumayo region, have killed more than 200 people and injured hundreds. We are aware of reports that many more are still missing and feared dead.

“Oxfam has teams on the ground monitoring the situation in the area, our understanding is that emergency response teams continue to focus on the search for survivors, we are ready to respond if help is requested.

“We understand the affected area of Putumayo has a population of several hundred thousand in need of shelter, water and food and that the repairing water and electricity supplies is a priority.

“We also know a priority is reaching some of more remote areas, many of which will not yet have been reached to have their needs assessed.”

Donations to support Oxfam’s emergency responses around the world can be made online at oxfam.org.au/icf or by calling 1800 034 034.

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