Adani mine will drive more people into poverty: Oxfam

Campaigns and Advocacy, Climate Change, Media Releases, Mining, News article written on the 06 Jun 2017

Responding to reports that Adani has given final investment approval for its controversial Carmichael mega mine in Queensland, Oxfam Australia Chief Executive Dr Helen Szoke said:

“Make no mistake, Adani’s proposed mine is a disaster for the world’s poor. More coal will drive more people into poverty through the devastating consequences of climate change and the direct toll of coal burning on local communities.

“More coal will not help bring electricity to those in India and worldwide who currently live without it. Renewables are the clear answer to increasing energy access, raising incomes and employment, tackling inequality and driving inclusive social and economic development.

“India knows this, and is rapidly scaling up its clean energy ambitions to meet the challenges of climate change and secure energy for all. It plans to end coal imports in the very near future.

“Adani still needs to raise finance for this disastrous project. The Federal Government must rule out public funding for the mine and commit to no further coal mines in Australia, coupled with greater support for renewable energy plans in developing countries.

“Oxfam Australia’s report published recently, More Coal Equals More Poverty: Transforming our world through renewable energy, highlights the devastating human cost of coal and climate change on vulnerable communities worldwide.

“The report highlights that Australia needs to embrace the advantages of renewable energy in alleviating energy poverty, acknowledge the rapid pace of energy transition in India and other developing countries, and reaffirm its commitments to the goals of the Paris Agreement – there is no space for new coal.”

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