Oxfam condemns US withdrawal from Paris Agreement

Climate Change, Media Releases, News article written on the 02 Jun 2017

Responding to US President Trump’s announcement to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, Oxfam Australia Chief Executive Dr Helen Szoke said:

“The US withdrawal from Paris is a grave injustice and historic act of recklessness. But it will not derail the world’s response to climate change. From India to the Pacific, countries are determined in their efforts to tackle climate crisis. It’s time for Australia to follow their lead.

“The US decision comes as climate change threatens to push millions more people worldwide into poverty. Oxfam has witnessed first-hand the extreme impacts of climate change on the world’s most vulnerable people. Climate change is putting many more people at risk of hunger, driving people from their land and homes, and costing lives.

“Australia must immediately reaffirm its commitment to Paris and begin strengthening its woefully inadequate targets. We cannot get left behind in the race to renewable energy. And we must do all we can to protect communities everywhere from the ravages of climate change. It’s time for Australia to stand with the Pacific and vulnerable communities around the world.

‘’President Trump claims pulling out of Paris puts America first. This could not be more wrong. This move puts America last in the race to build a clean, resilient future. Everyday Americans and frontline communities around the world will pay the price.

“The world will move forward, with or without the US. China and the EU are already stating that they will work even more closely on climate change. President Trump’s decision will hurt and isolate the US. But it will not stop the global shift to renewable energy. Never has it been more in Australia’s interests to ramp up our response to climate change.”

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