New energy policy will push more people into poverty: Oxfam

Campaigns and Advocacy, Climate Change, General, Media Releases, News article written on the 17 Oct 2017

Responding to reports that the Federal Government will scrap plans for a clean energy target, Oxfam Climate Change Adviser Dr Simon Bradshaw said:

“Against the backdrop of devastating hurricanes, severe drought across East Africa and determined leadership from our Pacific Island neighbours, the Federal Government is poised to walk even further away from meaningful action on climate change.

“The Government’s proposed energy policy, including abandoning a clean energy target and prolonging the life of coal, is a slap in the face of the communities on the frontline of the climate crisis and a shameful rejection of Australia’s international responsibilities.

“While we have the opportunity to help create a brighter future for all, these moves will only serve to entrench poverty and inequality. More coal will drive more people into poverty through the devastating consequences of climate change and the direct toll of coal burning on local communities.

“The science and the economics are abundantly clear. The solution to energy affordability, reliability and tackling climate change lies in a rapid transition to 100% renewable energy and an end to the fossil fuel industry.

“Yet the Government has once again pandered to the fossil fuel industry and the dinosaurs in its ranks. This is bad for Australia and devastating for those already facing the brute realities of climate change.

“Australians and the rest of the world demand and deserve better.”

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