Aussies tired of going overboard at Christmas: research

Fair Trade & Workers Rights, General, Media Releases, Oxfam Shops, Oxfam Unwrapped, Shops & Fundraising article written on the 16 Dec 2017

New Oxfam research has shown that Aussies are tired of going overboard with their Christmas shopping and the majority would consider making environmentally-friendly changes to curb their Christmas habits.

A nation-wide online survey commissioned by Oxfam Australia has revealed that almost half of people questioned – 45 per cent – are fed up with giving and receiving unnecessary Christmas gifts, while another 35 per cent dread facing the crowds at shopping centres.

More than 80 per cent of respondents would consider making changes to their usual Christmas habits to help the environment and rein in the silly season’s mass consumption.

Oxfam Australia’s Director of Public Engagement Pam Anders said the Christmas changes Australians would most prefer to make included buying their loved one an ‘experience’ rather than a physical gift, foregoing wrapping paper or buying a charity gift.

“I think this research has confirmed what we’ve probably suspected for a while now – Australians are increasingly looking for Christmas ideas that are ethical and meaningful,” Ms Anders said.

“Christmas is such a beautiful and special time of year and we tend to get so caught up in over-doing it there’s a risk we could forget what’s most important.”

The annual Deloitte Retailers’ Christmas Survey predicted a slump in retailer confidence over the Christmas trading period, despite the projected $50 billion Australian shoppers will spend in retail stores.

“More and more, Australians want to do Christmas a bit more consciously and there are so many fun, creative and smart ways to make that happen,” Ms Anders said.

“At Oxfam we encourage Australians to make just a few small changes to their Christmas habits to have a more ethical Christmas, whether it’s buying one of our sustainably grown pine Christmas trees or purchasing a couple of gifts that are ethically made.”

Oxfam works in more than 85 countries helping communities to tackle poverty. Its three broad ways of working including implementing long-term development projects, campaigning for change at a government and corporate level, and responding to humanitarian emergencies.

One of its best-selling Christmas products is Oxfam Unwrapped – a range of gift cards that represent donations to overseas projects. The item featured in the card – whether it’s a goat, a chicken or a veggie garden – is a real item Oxfam uses to tackle poverty.

“Oxfam Unwrapped is really the perfect solution if you don’t want to face the crowds at shopping centres or buy more unnecessary stuff – instead of buying your loved one a new pair of socks, shop Oxfam Unwrapped online and you’ll be giving a gift to the person who needs it most,” Ms Anders said.

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Oxfam Australia commissioned research company Research Now to conduct a nationally representative online survey of 1000 Australians between 9 -10 December.


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