Oxfam welcomes Steggall’s Climate Change Bill

Campaigns and Advocacy, Media Releases, News article written on the 10 Feb 2020

Commenting on the Climate Change Bill to be introduced by Independent MP Zali Steggall, which includes setting a zero emissions target, restoring an independent commission to advise on climate policies and actions, and a sequence of five-year emissions budgets, Oxfam Climate Change Advisor Dr Simon Bradshaw said:

“This Bill represents the minimum action necessary to bring Australia into line with comparable countries and to get us on the path to zero emissions as soon as possible. It is an important and practical step that deserves support from all sides of politics.

“As Parliament resumes after a horrendous summer of extreme weather and bushfires, we welcome this move by Ms Steggall, which is a response to community sentiment to ‘just get on with it’ when it comes to setting the framework required to address the climate crisis.

“Importantly, by beginning a sequence of five-year emissions budgets, guided by independent advice, the Bill requires a strengthening of Australia’s existing and woefully inadequate 2030 emissions reduction targets.

“We recognise that this proposed law alone will not be enough to ensure Australia plays its part in limiting warming to 1.5°C and avoiding a future of ever more devastating climate disruption, and that it will need to be accompanied by determined efforts to shift Australia rapidly beyond coal and gas and to 100% clean exports by 2030. Nonetheless, it is an important foundation

“The climate crisis affects every one of us. Globally, it is the single greatest threat in the fight against hunger and poverty. Here in Australia, it is already taking an enormous toll on the lives and livelihoods of many Australians.

“If Australia can break free from decades of policy paralysis and partisan battles over climate action, we can not only help ensure a safer future for Australians and people everywhere, but equally realise Australia’s huge potential to prosper in a zero-carbon world. It’s time for our leaders to act.”

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