New Chair of the Board at Oxfam Australia

General, Media Releases, Organisation news article written on the 04 Aug 2020

Oxfam Australia has announced the appointment of Dr Judith Slocombe AM as incoming Chair of its Board of Directors.

Dr Slocombe’s first term will begin at the end of this week, when current Chair Dennis Goldner AM steps down after six years in the role. Mr Goldner, who also held a position as a board director before his appointment as Chair, is stepping down after serving three terms as permitted under the Board’s Constitution.

Oxfam Australia Chief Executive Lyn Morgain said Dr Slocombe, an entrepreneur who built her own business before becoming a professional board director and consultant, had an illustrious career across the private, not-for-profit and government sectors.

“Dr Slocombe has a reputation for ensuring a bright future for the organisations that have benefited from her professional acumen,” Ms Morgain said.

“We can be confident that Oxfam Australia will benefit from the skills Dr Slocombe brings to the organisation and her insights into the challenges facing the sector and its partners.”

Ms Morgain said Mr Goldner had made an outstanding contribution to Oxfam Australia and the global confederation through his years of commitment and leadership.

“Mr Goldner has been a champion of living the values we hold dear and supporting Oxfam to become a contemporary organisation,” Ms Morgain said. “He has been an instrumental and driving force in empowering local communities and forging partnerships to help tackle poverty and inequality.”

Dr Slocombe said she felt strongly aligned with Oxfam Australia’s strategic priorities and its goals of not only responding to support communities in crisis, but also bringing about the systemic changes needed to tackle inequality and injustice.

“Oxfam Australia’s mission is something I can put my heart and soul into to bring about meaningful change, working alongside experienced, passionate people within an exceptional organisation,” Dr Slocombe said.

“While the sector is facing challenging times and necessary changes, I am not afraid of those – all organisations have to go through change and ensuring sustainable futures has been a focus of my career.”

Mr Goldner said he had seen much change during his six years in the role and while Oxfam was a complex global organisation, he had seen it stay true to its goals and its vision of shifting power to ensure community-led solutions.

Outside his responsibilities as Chair of the Board, Mr Goldner said he was proud of his achievement of completing 20 Oxfam Australia Trailwalker endurance treks, and would most treasure the experience of working with Oxfam people.

“I will take away being a small part of Oxfam’s ambitious mission and goals of tackling injustice,” Mr Goldner said. “I have also had the privilege of visiting countries, such as Vanuatu and Sri Lanka, to witness first-hand Oxfam’s life-saving work and be inspired by the organisation’s values of working alongside communities.

“Dr Slocombe will bring an expansive wealth of cross-sector experience, a deep understanding of governance and an incredible, positive demeanor to the role.”

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