Oxfam welcomes Labor climate policy, calls for more detail

Campaigns and Advocacy, Climate Change, Media Releases article written on the 03 Dec 2021

Oxfam Australia has welcomed the announcements made today as part of the Labor Party’s climate policy, which would increase Australia’s ambition on emissions reduction in the short-term.  


However, Chief Executive Lyn Morgain said there is a need for greater ambition to tackle this monumental problem. 


“This proposal, while an improvement on current ambitions, still does not match what scientists tell us we need to do to stay within 1.5 degrees of warming,” she said.  


“Labor’s plan also lacks detail on key issues, such as how they propose to address our international obligations on climate finance and rejoin the Green Climate Fund. 


“We look forward to hearing more from Labor on these important issues, particularly as we look towards COP27 in Egypt, where funding for climate adaptation and loss and damage will be major points of discussion. 


“As our friends and neighbours in the Pacific have told us, time and time again, the time is now to rapidly reduce emissions; to boost climate finance to allow the most at-risk countries to adapt; and to introduce a new funding mechanism to address the loss and damage already being experienced in regions such as the Pacific. 


“The Labor Party’s intention to seek to host COP in 2024 along with Pacific nations is a step in the right direction and would set the tone for the equal partnership we need to establish to tackle these grave problems together.”  


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