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Pope connects climate change with inequality

Protecting the world’s environment is the top of the Vatican’s agenda as today the Holy City released Pope Francis’ Encyclical that for the first time focuses on climate change. In the correspondence, His Holiness stressed the need for us to improve our ways in order to prevent catastrophic climate change and stem growing inequality. As […]

Tony Abbott at crossroads of climate action

‘Prime Minister Tony Abbott’ faced the crossroads of climate action on the front lawn outside Parliament House on Tuesday 16 June at 9.30am. Ahead of an expected Cabinet meeting this week (wb 15 June) to discuss Australia’s post-2020 emissions reductions targets, Oxfam is highlighting the urgent need for action on climate change, as the countdown […]

Australian Government an embarrassment at climate change talks

The Australian Government has embarrassed itself as it continued to duck legitimate questions about its climate policies and targets during a critical UN climate meeting underway in Bonn. Oxfam Australia’s climate change policy advisor Dr Simon Bradshaw said the Australian Government was criticised earlier in the week for providing vague, incomplete and at times misleading […]

Australia ducks questions on climate policies, leaves ‘heavy lifting’ to others: Oxfam

The Australian Government, which is facing a grilling at this week’s UN climate meeting in Bonn, has submitted answers to questions about its climate policies lodged earlier in the year by countries including China and the US. Oxfam Australia’s climate change policy advisor Dr Simon Bradshaw said the government’s responses so far raised more questions […]

Australia under spotlight at climate talks

Australia will face tough questions over its climate targets and polices this week in Bonn at an important lead-up meeting to the UN climate change negotiations in Paris later this year. Oxfam Australia’s climate change policy advisor Dr Simon Bradshaw said Australia would be among around 20 developed countries reviewed in Bonn under a new […]

Impact of extreme weather must be front of mind for Prime Minister’s emissions taskforce

Oxfam will urge the Abbott Government’s special emissions taskforce to agree an emissions target that will help reduce the impact of climate change on the world’s poorest people, who are already bearing the brunt of greater droughts, floods, hunger and disease. The Prime Minister’s taskforce will begin asking for advice this week on how far […]

European climate pledge ramps up pressure on Australia

The European Union’s adoption of climate change targets for the new global climate agreement, to be finalized at the Paris conference in December, heaps more pressure on the Abbott Government to announce Australia’s own longer-term commitment to climate action, which must include support to developing countries to adapt to climate impact, Oxfam Australia said today.

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