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Norwegian Government not to invest in miner whose Australian-based subsidiary polluted the environment

Last week’s decision by the Government of Norway to instruct its $350 billion national pension fund not to invest in a mining company whose Australian-based subsidiary Emperor Mines has dumped thousands of tonnes of toxic waste into the rivers of Papua New Guinea is a warning to all mining companies who foul up the environment and destroy livelihoods that fewer investors tolerate their actions, said Oxfam Australia.

Climate Change? Greenhouse gases? Add to it toxic waste dumping by Australian miners

Australian, Canadian and US mining companies that persist in dumping billions of tonnes of toxic heavy metals such as mercury and lead into the rivers and oceans of some of the world’s poorest countries are causing irreversible environmental damage as well as driving human poverty. This warning by a coalition of human rights groups and mining watchdogs as mining ministers from the Asia-Pacific gather in Perth this week for a summit.

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