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Thousands in desperate need of shelter and food after second Nepal Earthquake as rainy season approaches

Thousands of traumatised people affected by the second major earthquake to strike Nepal are in desperate need of shelter before the monsoon hits, Oxfam said today. Oxfam Australia’s Chief Executive Dr Helen Szoke said with the rainy season starting soon and tens of thousands of people still living outdoors in makeshift shelters, there was a […]

‘Widespread destruction’ in Gorkha as Oxfam trucks in aid by land from India

Oxfam is trucking in aid to remote villages in the Gorkha district of Nepal, where agency staff there say at least 80 per cent of houses are destroyed and nearly every person is sleeping outside with virtually no toilets. The trucks are carrying tarpaulins, foam sheets, water containers, chlorine tablets and solar lamps, water filters […]

Airport bottleneck and fuel shortages hampering aid efforts in Nepal

A bottleneck of people and supplies at Nepal’s Kathmandu airport combined with nationwide fuel shortages, blocked roads and difficult terrain is hampering the efforts of aid agencies and emergency services to reach earthquake survivors, Oxfam warned today. Oxfam Chief Executive Helen Szoke said there were huge challenges in getting help to the tens of thousands […]

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