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Fundraising Buzz around Oxfam Vanuatu Appeal

Australians continue to find innovative ways to raise donations to help the people of Vanuatu recover from the devastation of Cyclone Pam but one fundraising effort is currently creating a real buzz. Inventors of crowdfunding success story Flow™ Hive, are raffling off the very first of their revolutionary new beehives to come off the production […]

International governments fail on strong disaster risk reduction agreement

Despite an impassioned plea from the President of Vanuatu at the Disaster Risk Reduction world conference in Japan earlier this week, international governments  last night adopted a framework that is not up to the task of dealing with the increasing risk of disasters to the world’s poor. Among the agreement’s shortcomings is the failure to agree concrete […]

Aid to begin reaching Vanuatu’s devastated outer islands today as food shortages loom

Aid should today begin to reach the hard hit southern Vanuatu islands of Tanna and Erromango, which both took the full force of the 250kmh Cyclone Pam, after rapid assessments of the islands showed absolute devastation with entire villages destroyed. The rapid assessments of Vanuatu’s outer islands carried out yesterday reported that many villages on […]

Scale of Humanitarian Crisis in Vanuatu becoming clearer

More Oxfam Humanitarian Emergency responders are flying to Vanuatu this morning on an Australian Government plane, as the unconfirmed death toll in the small archipelago begins to climb and worse than worst case scenario unfolds. Oxfam Country Director in Port Vila, Colin Collet van Rooyen, said the situation in Vanuatu was increasingly grim. “There are more than 100,000 […]

Hospital, morgue and schools all damaged by Cyclone Pam as help begins to arrive

Oxfam’s 10 person team in Vanuatu is reporting damage to major infrastructure like the hospital, the morgue and schools as the picture of complete devastation in Vanuatu now begins to unfold. Oxfam Country Director in Port Vila, Colin Collet van Rooyen, said the damage to things as important as the morgue, the hospital and schools could create major […]

Humanitarian crisis in Vanuatu in the aftermath of Cyclone Pam

Up to 90 per cent of housing in Vanuatu’s capital is reported to have been seriously damaged by Cyclone Pam, with still no information from the extremely vulnerable outer islands which are home to 33,000 people. Oxfam Country Director in Port Vila, Colin Collet van Rooyen said today while six deaths have been confirmed this number is likely […]

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