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Tax cuts for big business should be buried for good

Responding to reports that the Federal Government has deferred its plans for corporate tax cuts, Oxfam Australia Chief Executive Dr Helen Szoke said: “The proposed $65 billion hand-out to big business will only fuel a global race to the bottom on corporate tax rates and undermine attempts to tackle inequality and poverty, both in Australia […]

Hundreds of teams set to embark on Oxfam Trailwalker Melbourne 2018

Participants in the 2018 Oxfam Trailwalker Melbourne are set to take their first steps in the 100km challenge of a lifetime today, taking in some of Victoria’s best walking trails as they raise funds to help tackle poverty around the world. About 520 teams are taking part in the 48-hour endurance event, which kicks off […]

Oxfam International announces Zainab Bangura and Katherine Sierra to co-lead Independent Commission on Sexual Misconduct

Zainab Bangura, a former Under-Secretary General of the United Nations, and Katherine Sierra, a former Vice-President of the World Bank, will co-chair an Independent Commission on Sexual Misconduct, Accountability and Culture Change, Oxfam International said today. The Independent Commission has been formed in response to incidents of sexual misconduct by Oxfam staff in countries including […]

Oxfam joins thousands to Close the Gap

Thousands of people around the country are calling for governments to make health equality between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and non-Indigenous Australians an urgent priority. Today is National Close the Gap Day, and tens of thousands of people attending more than 800 registered events will mark the day across the country – from […]

Be part of the movement to close the gap

Australians around the country will be lending their support to the nation’s biggest grassroots movement to close the widening gap in life expectancy between Australia’s First Peoples and non-Indigenous people. About 640 people have registered events for National Close the Gap Day on Thursday 15 March, with thousands more expected to attend those events. The […]

Oxfam asks women’s rights leaders to carry out urgent independent review

An independent commission will be set up with immediate power to carry out a wide-ranging review of Oxfam’s practices and culture, including its handling of past cases of sexual misconduct. It comes as Oxfam announces a comprehensive plan of action to strengthen safeguarding systems across the organisation, and stamp out abuse. The plan was agreed […]

No room for complacency: learning lessons from Haiti

The Haiti revelations have reminded Oxfam and the aid sector of the need to be vigilant around consistently improving processes to keep people safe, Oxfam Australia said today. “It goes without saying that we at Oxfam Australia continue to be as appalled by these revelations as the rest of the world,” Oxfam Australia’s Chief Executive […]

Oxfam Australia responds to Haiti sexual misconduct story

Details have emerged over the past few days of the appalling behaviour of former Oxfam Great Britain staff found guilty of sexual misconduct in Haiti in 2011 during the earthquake response. We at Oxfam remain horrified and deeply saddened by this incident. Our work advancing women’s rights, especially in situations of vulnerability, is central to […]

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