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Australia in denial as world forges ahead on Paris Agreement

On the eve of the Paris Agreement entering into force tomorrow and governments heading to Morocco for the first crucial talks on its implementation, international aid agency Oxfam is calling on Australia to start living up to its responsibilities and face the reality of the immense risks in our region.

Iraqis most likely to help a stranger, finds World Giving Index

In the past month, eight in 10 Iraqis have helped someone they don’t know, making them the people most likely to help a stranger. These findings were announced in the CAF World Giving Index 2016 overnight, and come as the offensive against ISIS in Mosul continues and civilians flee the fighting. The annual CAF World […]

Evidence of threats to civilians escaping from Mosul offensive

Fresh evidence of the threat facing civilians caught in the fight for Mosul emerged over the weekend as Oxfam called for genuine safe routes for families fleeing the conflict. People escaping the village of Hawd, 50km south of Mosul, told Oxfam that a high number of civilians were injured during the offensive to retake the […]

Super Typhoon Haima lashes Philippines, Oxfam on standby to respond

Typhoon Haima, known locally as Lawin, is currently hammering the northern Philippines, becoming the second category four typhoon to hit the country in a week. Bringing winds of 230 km/h, with gusts up to 260 km/h, the typhoon poses a risk to 2.78 million people in seven provinces within the 100-kilometre radius, according to the […]

Oxfam ready to respond to Super Typhoon Haima in Philippines

Oxfam is preparing to respond to Super Typhoon Haima as it heads for the northern Philippines, should assistance be requested. Known locally as Lawin, Super Typhoon Haima is predicted to make landfall in northern Luzon overnight and is packing devastating winds of up to 270 km/h. Oxfam Australia’s Associate Director of International Programs Anthea Spinks […]

Oxfam welcomes Australian Government’s $10m of aid to support Mosul’s civilians

Oxfam welcomes today’s announcement by the Australian Government of $10 million in life-saving support for Mosul’s civilians, as fighting in the city intensifies. The humanitarian organisation further urges the Australian Government to do what it can to advocate for the protection for civilians fleeing fighting, as Iraqi troops and Kurdish forces, supported by the Coalition, […]

Offensive to retake Mosul begins, Oxfam concerned for civilians

The Iraqi Prime Minister has announced the start of the military operation to retake the city of Mosul from ISIS and Oxfam is concerned hundreds of thousands of civilians risk being caught in the crossfire. Families in Mosul face a terrible choice between staying in ISIS controlled areas where many have reportedly suffered extreme violence […]

Civilians risk getting caught in crossfire as Mosul offensive intensifies

Hundreds of thousands of civilians risk being caught in crossfire as the offensive to retake Mosul and surrounding areas from ISIS intensifies, Oxfam said today. Families face a terrible choice between staying in ISIS controlled areas where many have reportedly suffered extreme violence and food shortages, or risking explosive devices and bullets to escape the […]

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