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Syrian plight unimaginable in Australia

Imagine if the populations of Victoria, Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania, the Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory were deprived of basic necessities like water, food, and sanitation for years. For most it is a situation impossible to imagine, but that is the reality of the 12 million people caught up in the deadly Syria conflict.

Arms Trade Treaty set to become binding international law by end of year

The landmark Arms Trade Treaty, designed to control the trade in deadly weapons that fuel armed conflict around the world, will become international law before the end of the year, with seven countries today agreeing to ratify the international agreement at the United Nations, in New York.

Oxfam forced to cut aid to desperate Syrian families as UN launches revised appeal

Oxfam has been forced to cut essential assistance to over 6,500 vulnerable Syrian refugee families living in Jordan and warns that millions more face an uncertain future with aid agencies unable to adequately respond due to government donor fatigue. Speaking ahead of the UN’s launch of its reviewed aid appeal for the Syria crisis, Oxfam’s […]

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