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Australia must triple its humanitarian intake for migration crisis

Australia must triple its annual humanitarian intake within five years in the face of the unprecedented number of men, women and children forced to flee their homes, international aid agency Oxfam said today. Oxfam Chief Executive Helen Szoke said Australia was the 12th richest nation on earth, yet hosted a shameful 0.2 per cent of […]

Australia agrees on goals to end global poverty, but achieving them will take real action  

Oxfam has welcomed Australia’s adoption of a new set of United Nations global goals that seek to end extreme poverty in the next 15 years. But the international organisation warned the goals would not be reached without real political will from all countries, and a disruption of business as usual.

Arms Trade Treaty set to become binding international law by end of year

The landmark Arms Trade Treaty, designed to control the trade in deadly weapons that fuel armed conflict around the world, will become international law before the end of the year, with seven countries today agreeing to ratify the international agreement at the United Nations, in New York.

Oxfam forced to cut aid to desperate Syrian families as UN launches revised appeal

Oxfam has been forced to cut essential assistance to over 6,500 vulnerable Syrian refugee families living in Jordan and warns that millions more face an uncertain future with aid agencies unable to adequately respond due to government donor fatigue. Speaking ahead of the UN’s launch of its reviewed aid appeal for the Syria crisis, Oxfam’s […]

‘Climate action drought’ in Doha risks condemning the world to more hunger

Australia and other rich countries have failed to take meaningful collective action at the UN climate change negotiations in Doha to prevent and address the harmful impacts of climate change, international aid agency Oxfam Australia said. Poor countries will today leave the negotiations with little more than when they arrived, after civil society organisations stood […]

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