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Oxfam reaction to renewal of hostilities in Gaza; humanitarian pause ends

Reacting to news today that the humanitarian pause agreed between the Government of Israel and Hamas has ended, with renewed hostilities, Oxfam Humanitarian Director Marta Valdes Garcia said: “While Oxfam welcomes the release of Israeli and foreign national hostages back to their families during the pause, and the reuniting of Palestinian prisoners and detainees in […]

Big business’ windfall profits rocket to “obscene” $1 trillion a year amid cost-of-living crisis; Oxfam and ActionAid renew call for windfall taxes

722 mega-corporations raked in $1 trillion a year in windfall profits in 2021 and 2022.  A windfall tax of 90 percent on last years’ windfall profits could generate $941 billion —money that now could be used to tackle poverty and climate change.  While profits soared, one billion workers across 50 countries took a $746 billion […]

Australia Becomes World Leader in Corporate Tax Transparency

Oxfam Australia has praised the Albanese Government’s world-leading corporate tax transparency legislation, saying it will help reduce tax avoidance in Australia and abroad, and help ensure big corporations pay their fair share of tax. Quotes attributable to Lyn Morgain, Chief Executive, Oxfam Australia: “Global tax dodging is costing Australia and starving low-income countries of much […]

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