Our Experts

Oxfam staff are able to provide expert comment or background briefings to media on a number of specialist topics. This ranges from country-specific comment to more generic issues relating to our work in areas such as labour rights, impacts of climate change and humanitarian disaster response.

Media wishing to speak to any of the Oxfam spokespeople profiled below, or with an enquiry on a topic related to our work not listed, should contact the Oxfam media team in the first instance.

Information on our directors can be found here, or if you’d like to request a speaker from Oxfam please contact us.

Our spokespeople on the issues

Oxfam Australia

Lyn Morgain

Chief Executive, Oxfam Australia

Lyn Morgain

Lyn Morgain is the Chief Executive of Oxfam Australia.

Prior to her role at Oxfam Australia, Lyn was the Chief Executive of cohealth, Victoria’s largest community health organisation. Lyn has been an executive leader in public policy, not for profit organisations and government for the past 25 years.

As leader of Oxfam Australia, Lyn oversees the delivery of a broad range of long-term development programs, advocacy campaigns and humanitarian responses. Oxfam works in partnership with local organisations, governments and decision-makers to deliver outcomes such as clean water and sanitation, gender equality, livelihood support, justice for First Peoples, labour rights, food security, and support for communities affected by climate change.

Lyn has spent her career advocating for the rights of disadvantaged peoples and she is passionate about strength-based approaches that engender community ownership and control over service design, development and delivery.

Lyn is a sought after facilitator, chair and speaker and has published numerous journal articles on primary care and the social determinants of health.

She is a member of the Victorian Justice Health Ministerial Advisory Committee and the Community Health Taskforce. She is the interim Chair of the national Social Determinants of Health Alliance.

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Raijeli Nicole

Regional Director for the Pacific, Oxfam in the Pacific

Raijeli Nicole
Areas of expertise: Policy, lobbying and advocacy, working with International NGOs, unions, employer groups and governments at the UN level.

Raijeli Nicole is a community development specialist and women’s rights advocate.

Raijeli commenced as Regional Director of Oxfam in the Pacific in 2015 and provides strategic direction and coordination of Oxfam’s programme, advocacy and humanitarian work in Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Tonga, Micronesia, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu.

Previously Raijeli was the Chief Executive Officer of Save the Children in Fiji and a Community and Development and Funding Advisor to the New Zealand Government where she led the Pacific Community Post Earthquake Recovery Strategy following the 2011 Christchurch earthquake.

Raijeli is a Fijian national with a strong sense of social justice, stemming from her time as a student of history and politics at the University of the South Pacific.

An active women’s rights’ advocate, Raijeli worked at the Fiji Women’s Rights Movement and later led the Asia Pacific women’s rights advocacy organisation Isis International in the Philippines to monitor and report on the Asia-Pacific Governments’ responses to women’s rights and other development issues.

Raijeli has a masters in in International Law and Politics from the University of Canterbury and currently lives and works in Christchurch, NZ

Colin Collett van Rooyen

Change Director, Oxfam in the Pacific

Colin Collett van Rooyen
Areas of expertise: Long-term development issues, organisational development and change.

Colin is the director of Country and Regional Development Programs and Organisational Change campaign.

Colin leads our organisational change processes at Oxfam in the Pacific and provides support to country programs in change and operational processes.

Colin has worked in a range of roles with Oxfam, including Country Director roles in Africa, South-East Asia and the Pacific. He has also worked on change related processes and development effectiveness at senior levels at Oxfam Australia in Melbourne. During March 2015 he led Oxfam’s response to Category 5 level Tropical Cyclone Pam in Vanuatu.

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Abimibola Akinyemi

Country Director, Oxfam in Solomon Islands

Abimibola Akinyemi
Areas of expertise: Human rights, women’s rights, gender, governance and institutional accountability, corruption, and civil society development.

Abi leads the team in the Solomon Islands program, focusing on active citizenship, gender and humanitarian action and resilience and adaptation work.

Abi’s main areas of focus are strengthening partnerships for development, civil society strengthening, young people, resilience building and women’s rights.

Abi has over 20 years of experience in development including strategic planning, program management, policy analysis, training, facilitation, gender, human rights, governance and corruption minimisation as well as rights based approaches to development. A pioneer of programs on women’s rights, basic education, governance and institutional accountability in various organisations and continents, Abi has an excellent understanding of partnerships between civil society and government in promoting pro-poor policies.

Kathy Richards

Country Director, Oxfam in Timor-Leste

Kathy Richards
Areas of expertise: Community development, civil society strengthening, human rights and gender.

Kathy leads the Timor-Leste country team, focusing on food security, disaster risk reduction, humanitarian preparedness, community rights to free prior and informed consent, and civil society strengthening.

Kathy has worked in development in Timor-Leste since 2014. Prior to Timor-Leste, Kathy worked on the Australian Government aid program for the Philippines. Kathy has extensive experience in the women’s movement, leading the secretariat for Equality Rights Alliance, Australia’s largest national alliance of women’s organisations. Kathy was Human Rights Advisor with the Australian Council for International Development and has worked with Amnesty International Australia in a range of positions, including National Campaign Coordinator and Vice President of the National Board. In 2012 Kathy was awarded the annual ACT International Women’s Day Award.

Pam Anders

Public Engagement

Pam Anders | Head of Public Engagement
Areas of expertise: Media engagement, issues management, stakeholder engagement, public campaigns and shaping policy in complex contexts.

Pam leads the Public Engagement Unit and is responsible for fundraising, marketing, communications, media relations and campaigns. She has extensive experience in media engagement, issues management, stakeholder engagement, public campaigns and shaping policy in complex contexts.

Pam joined Oxfam Australia in January 2014. Prior to this appointment, she was the Director for WorkHealth at WorkSafe Victoria, designing and delivering world-class occupational health and wellbeing programs. Pam is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and has also held various governance roles, including as a current Board member for the Central Highlands Water Authority. Pam’s extensive senior management experience across a wide range of public policy, public sector management and communications areas includes roles as Deputy Chief of Staff in the Office of the Premier of Victoria, Chief Of Staff in the Office of the Treasurer of Victoria.

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Anthea Spinks

International development, humanitarian assistance and emergencies

Anthea Spinks | Associate Director, Program Partnerships
Areas of expertise: International development, humanitarian assistance and emergencies, conflict and fragility, leadership and organisational development.

Anthea oversees the units within Oxfam that implement international and humanitarian programs across 25 countries as well as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander programming that is implemented alongside partners in Australia.

Anthea has over 15 years of experience working in international programs with a focus on humanitarian and conflict affected contexts. Anthea has lived and worked in Mozambique and Brazil as well as spending time in contexts as diverse as Thailand to Jordan. She has held senior leadership roles in a number or organisations both in Australia and overseas.

Josh Hallwright

Humanitarian and emergency response

Josh Hallwright | Humanitarian Manager
Areas of expertise: Humanitarian assistance and emergencies, conflict, humanitarian financing, blockchain technology

Josh is the Humanitarian Manager for Oxfam Australia and oversees our emergency responses.

Josh has worked in the humanitarian sector for a decade and has held technical, coordination and operational roles with international and national NGOs, UN agencies and institutional donors. Josh has worked in both conflict and disaster responses throughout Asia, Africa and the Pacific. He is working on a number of pilots exploring blockchain technology in the humanitarian and development sector. Josh holds a Master in International Development, is currently completing a PhD in humanitarian financing and is a sessional lecturer at RMIT and Monash University.

Sarah Rogan

Labour rights, advocacy, women’s rights

Sarah Rogan | Advocacy Lead
Areas of expertise: Labour rights, women’s rights.

Sarah is an Advocacy Lead at Oxfam Australia.

Sarah is senior campaigner, public communications and strategy specialist at Oxfam Australia. After many years as a union organiser in the arts and entertainment industry, and professional experience as a women’s rights advocate and gender expert, Sarah now campaigns and advocates for worker’s rights in global supply chains. Sarah manages the What She Makes campaign – organising and mobilising people to pressure big clothing brands to pay a living wage to the women who make our clothes.

Dr Simon Bradshaw

Climate policy, change, finance and adaption

Simon Bradshaw | Climate Change Advocacy Coordinator
Areas of expertise: Australian climate policy, international climate negotiations, climate finance, climate change adaptation, climate change and the Pacific.

Dr Simon Bradshaw is our climate change expert. He has been a researcher, policy advisor and advocate for climate action for over a decade and with Oxfam since 2012. Simon’s work with Oxfam has taken him to many countries of the region and to successive rounds of international climate negotiations. He has authored reports on international climate finance, climate change and the Pacific, the role of renewable energy in reducing poverty, and how Australia is measuring up against its international responsibilities on climate change. Simon achieved his Doctorate from the University of Melbourne in 2007, spending four years researching environmental challenges on the Tibetan Plateau. He is a Climate Leader with Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project and a keen adventurer. He is available to speak on climate change, the relationship between climate change and poverty, and all things climate finance.

Dr Paul Cleary

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People

Dr Paul Cleary | Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples’ Program, Policy and Advocacy Lead
Areas of expertise: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health, Justice, Development and Native Title

Paul supports this program with research and advocacy on the issues that most affect the well-being of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Australia.

Paul is a writer and researcher whose work has influenced public policy in Australia for more than two decades. As a journalist in the Canberra Press Gallery his reporting on material he obtained under FoI law led to a Senate inquiry into the GST and beneficial changes for low income people. He is the author of non-fiction five books and has recently focussed on the resources boom and the results for Indigenous Australians. He has a PhD from the Australian National University for a thesis on native title negotiations in the Pilbara, WA.

Rachel Ball

Human rights, corporate accountability, women’s rights.

Rachel Ball | Head of Public Policy and Advocacy
Areas of expertise: Human rights, corporate accountability, international law, women’s rights and refugee law and policy.

Rachel leads the development and implementation of Oxfam Australia’s policy and advocacy agenda, heading up a team that works across labour rights, inequality, mining, gender, climate change, food and humanitarian issues.

Before joining Oxfam, Rachel was Director of Advocacy at the Human Rights Law Centre, where she ran human rights advocacy and litigation in Australia and at the United Nations. She was part of the campaign team for No Business in Abuse, targeting corporate complicity in human rights abuses in Australia’s immigration detention centres, and has served on the boards of Liberty Victoria and Alola Australia. Rachel holds a Bachelor of Arts and Law from Monash University and a Master of Laws from Columbia University.

Twitter: @rachelballl 

Our spokespeople in country

Our media team can put you in touch with expert spokespeople from these countries:

    • Bangladesh – Disaster management, women’s rights, Indigenous people’s rights, climate change adaptation work
    • Cambodia – Sustainable livelihoods, access to social services
    • China – Community health, livelihoods
    • Fiji – Peace building, natural resource exploitation
    • India – Reducing inequality for women, natural resource management, disaster management
    • Laos – Sustainable livelihoods, education
    • Malawi – Sustainable livelihoods, HIV and AIDS
    • Mozambique – Sustainable livelihoods, food security, HIV and AIDS
    • Papua New Guinea – HIV and AIDS, natural resource exploitation
    • Solomon Islands – rebuilding after 2007 tsunami, food and livelihood security, gender and domestic violence, sustainable resource development, HIV and AIDS
    • South Africa – HIV and AIDS, gender equality, food security
    • Sri Lanka – Sustainable livelihoods, gender equality
    • Timor-Leste – Sustainable livelihoods, agriculture, access to basic services, safety from conflict and disaster
    • Vanuatu – youth education, health, HIV and AIDS
    • Vietnam – Disaster management, clean water and sanitation, anti-trafficking
    • Zimbabwe – HIV and AIDS, food security

Media contacts