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Oxfam: Meaningful Farm Bill reform crucial for a pro-development round

International agency Oxfam welcomed the Bush Administration’s proposal to reform the 2002 Farm Bill as a first step toward unlocking the paralysis in multilateral trade negotiations. However, the organisation cautioned that it is still unclear if the proposal will significantly reduce export dumping or signify a meaningful shift in the American position at the WTO. Importantly, there is no guarantee that the US Congress will adopt the proposal.

It’s time to close the gap – demand health equality for Indigenous Australians

Forty-years ago 90 per cent of Australia voted to give Aboriginal Australians equal rights ‘ equal rights as citizens of Australia to help redress the ‘White Australia’ policy as well as to right wrongs experienced by Indigenous Australians. It was heralded as a watershed moment in Australian history ‘ 200 years after the first Britains settled and claimed the land for themselves, Indigenous Australians were to be recognised as equals.

JOINT AGENCIES RELEASE – Humanitarian agencies warn Darfur operations approaching breaking point

Leading Australian aid agencies today warned the enormous humanitarian response in Darfur will soon be paralysed unless African and global leaders at the African Union (AU) Summit take urgent action to end rising violence against civilians and aid workers. They said African Heads of States and new UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon will fail the people of Darfur if they do not take concrete steps to herald the start of a new chapter in the region and ensure an immediate ceasefire is both agreed and adhered to.

Somali organisations report of bombings targeting innocent civilians

Oxfam is receiving reports from its partner organisations in Somalia that nomadic herdsmen have been hit in recent bombing raids. According to the reports from local organisations in Afmadow district, bombs have hit vital water sources as well as large groups of nomads and their animals who had gathered around large fires at night to ward off mosquitoes.

Hundreds of humanitarian workers temporarily evacuated and aid supply chains interrupted as violence worsens in eastern Chad

A wave of violence has forced the temporary evacuation of over 400 humanitarian staff in eastern Chad in the past two weeks, severely interrupting the provision of humanitarian aid, says international agency Oxfam. The serious deterioration of security in the region bordering Darfur threatens to cause a major health and food crisis for hundreds of thousands of people.

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