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Tsunami survivors in Sulawesi rebuilding three months on, but need remains

Three months on from the devastating 7.4 magnitude earthquake and tsunami which struck Sulawesi (28 December 2018), tens of thousands of people forced from their homes and facing extreme poverty since the disaster had benefited from vital aid, but many communities remained in need, Oxfam said today. More than 2000 people died, 68,000 homes were […]

Oxfam ready to respond as dozens killed after tsunami in Indonesia’s Sunda Strait

Oxfam is getting ready to respond to tsunami-affected communities in Indonesia’s Sunda Strait, with reports that more than 43 people have died and hundreds more injured following a tsunami that struck islands in the Strait last night. Coastal communities in the Sundra Strait are believed to be among the worst hit from the tsunami, with […]

One month on after Indonesia tsunami and quake: concerns as monsoon threatens

As the one-month anniversary of the Indonesian earthquake and tsunami approaches (Sunday 28 October), international aid agency Oxfam is warning of a heightened risk of disease and landslides due to the monsoon season. More than 2000 people died as a result of the 7.4 magnitude earthquake and tsunami on the Indonesian island on 28 September, […]

Tsunami survivors face long queues for clean water – Oxfam

The emergency system for distributing clean water in Palu is under strain to meet demand as thousands of people spend an eleventh night sleeping outdoors after a devastating earthquake and tsunami hit the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia, Oxfam warned today. Oxfam water engineer Bagus Setyawan said that with the temperature often reaching 35C during […]

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