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Australia must follow UK and make country-by-country tax reporting public

Australia must put tough talk into action and follow the United Kingdom’s move to force multinational corporations dodging billions of dollars in taxes to publish country-by-country financial reports, international aid agency Oxfam said today. Oxfam Chief Executive Dr Helen Szoke said the Conservative Government in the UK had last night accepted an amendment to legislation […]

Australian multinationals are the real “taxed-nots”: Oxfam

Responding to reports in The Australian newspaper today that the Treasurer has labelled some of the poorest people in Australia as the nation’s “taxed-nots”, Oxfam chief executive Dr Helen Szoke said: “It is alarming that the Australian Government plans to demonise the country’s poor as the ‘taxed-nots’, when one in three large companies reported on […]

Oxfam reaction to Panama Papers tax leak

Responding to revelations of the Panama Papers today Oxfam Australia Chief Executive Dr Helen Szoke said:

“The Panama Papers lay bare the murky underside of a system that allows big business and the super rich to hide billions that they should be paying in tax.

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